Successfully shaping the digital transformation

A digital ecosystem supports property companies by providing automated end-to-end processes and enabling intelligent data use.

Aareon has set out to optimise and innovate the processes in the property industry ever since it was founded in 1957. Formerly the data centre of Deutsche Bau- und Bodenbank AG, it developed rapidly into a software provider and has become a pioneer of digital transformation in the industry. Today, Aareon is the leading provider of SaaS solutions for the European property sector and has set the standard in the property industry for many years with the offering of a digital ecosystem.

Creating greater value through end-to-end processes

A digital ecosystem offers two key advantages for property companies. Firstly, it maps the entire industry value chain, enabling companies to manage their complex systems of relationships more efficiently and use data intelligently. One example here is the tenant life cycle, where customer relationship management dovetails seamlessly with processes for integrating the supplier chain, for example in relation to maintenance. The second benefit is that the ecosystem interconnects all the stakeholders of a property company: employees, customers, business partners and ultimately the buildings too. The centrepiece is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

A digital ecosystem can be extended quickly and easily, especially if it is sourced from the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS). Other software solutions can simply be added on, which is important as there is no one digital ecosystem to fit all companies. The configuration largely depends on the company's individual business strategy with its respective priorities, so this approach enables the company to configure its own digital ecosystem in accordance with that strategy. To create further value, Aareon developed the new partner programme Aareon Connect. In the future, it enables customers to benefit from software solutions and services of various providers that can be integrated into existing Aareon ERP systems. with the technical basis is formed by the iPaaS (integration-Platform-as-a-Service) solution offered by Locoia GmbH, which Aareon acquired at the end of 2022.

Intelligent data use will become increasingly important

New generations of ecosystems use technologies like artificial intelligence and business intelligence. If, for example, buildings are smartly connected to the digital ecosystem and the property management database is used intelligently, companies will be able to manage both their properties and their ESG goals more effectively. This is of vital importance in view of rising energy costs and the associated challenges for the entire sector.

Software as a Service offers additional convenience

SaaS is the right response to an environment that is changing in ever-shorter cycles and requires an agile understanding of IT. Aareon provides a diverse range of SaaS solutions from its exclusive cloud – which is operated in its fail-safe and multi-certified data centre in Mainz – including automated software updates and maintenance. This provides additional security for the property companies while also offering greater convenience.