Innovation as a tradition

For us, our one hundred years of expertise is our driving force and, at the same time, mean a duty to develop progressive solutions for our clients out of new trends and technologies.

Here at Aareal Bank Group over the last century we have continually challenged ourselves to assimilate new trends and harness them to develop innovative solutions for our clients from the housing and energy industries. These have ranged from the first electronic information system for computer-aided payment transactions in the housing industry through to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in risk management and receivables management.

Pioneering solutions for payment management in the housing industry

One good example of our innovative strength is the success over the last 60 years of our BK01 technology. We were the first German bank to offer the German housing industry a solution enabling data to be processed centrally, externally and without complications. Today this solution allows complete processing of payment transactions, in addition to electronic processing of accounting records, tenant accounting and account management. What began as a pioneering approach is now standard for the German housing industry.

AI-based risk management

Another highly topical example is the use of artificial intelligence, which Aareal Bank is harnessing, among other things, to analyse large quantities of data in risk management. With Scale Layer, our AI-based early risk detection system, our clients analyse new developments relevant to their business in real time. Whether news about regulation, competitors or market developments, and whether ESG tracking, supply chain management or automated market monitoring, Scale Layer ensures a decisive information advantage and shows how AI can optimise the handling of information.

More effective dunning with AI in receivables management

Not only can artificial intelligence support evaluation and analysis of large quantities of data, it also has the potential to automate labour-intensive processes and make these more effective, for example in receivables management. The payment solution provider collectAI has been part of Aareal Bank Group since 2022. This has enabled us to supplement our payment processes with AI-supported, smart accounting and dunning systems. For our clients from the housing and energy industries, this means that on the basis of individual usage behaviour, they can offer end customers various customised payment options, via channels that are appropriate for them. This results in lower processing costs, higher payment rates and thus fewer dunning cases.

Tangible use based on experience

In our product solutions and services, but also in our collaborations and partnerships, we are driven by the question: "How can we make tangible use of new technologies for the benefit of our clients?" Even after 100 years, we are driven by curiosity to discover the trends and technologies that are influencing the businesses of our clients. We are innovative – by tradition.

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